West Philly’s Tofu Hoagie

I visited Pennsylvania this summer, and spent a day in West Philly.  I was with my sister who used to live there, so we ate our way across the neighborhood, her old stomping grounds.  It was imperative that we eat a tofu hoagie while in town.  When she used to live in Philly, I visited her there several times, and I always insisted on getting a Vietnamese tofu hoagie (tofu bahn mi) at the Fu Wah Deli on Baltimore Ave.  The tofu hoagie is kind of a big deal.

A regular bahn mi is a Vietnamese sandwich on a french roll, flavored with fresh green chili slices, shredded carrots and daikon, and some hot sauce.  The tofu bahn mi is stuffed with delicious marinated tofu (instead of meat).  It’s completely satisfying.  West Philly is a fun neighborhood, and is a great place for eating.  When you’re in town, you should eat this sandwich.

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